Faith was a Natural Dog

It is with a very heavy soul and grieving heart that I must inform the world, and all of Faith the Dog's friends, fans, family, and loved ones, that she has passed.

She is with Jesus now, and is forever ever evermore running on four perfectly formed and beautiful legs. She is, and will always be, a glorious and wonderful friend. She had such an amazing life.

When I have more time to give her a proper tribute I will do so. For now I ask that you continue to pray for us today. Thank you for your love and support.

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~ Jude Stringfellow

Faith was born for a reason.  I believe it was to first heal my family from sorrow and sadness, and this allowed us to help her fulfill another mission - - to help as many as possible.  So many people write to me and tell me how Faith has touched their lives.  Please share your stories with others who love Faith.  Log in or Create a new account to post in our Forums including Share Your Pet Photos and Stories and access other "members-only" community features! Thank you so much.  Enjoy Faith!

Faith welcomes you with hugs and licks!

Baby FaithFaith is an incredible dog. She was born just before Christmas in 2002, and we were lucky enough to have her in our family just 3 short weeks later. She was born to a mother dog, believed to be nearly full blooded Chinese Chow Chow, along with several other siblings. Faith wasn't the only puppy born with deformities, but because "Princess", her mother, was not our dog, we are not sure of the exact number of puppies she gave birth to. It is certain, however, that Faith was the only puppy with deformities to live.

Faith was rescued by my son Reuben on January 21, 2003, when he and his friend Johnny, the owner of Princess, jumped over the fence of the flea market area that Princess was raised to guard. Princess isn't exactly the mothering kind. She was literally terminating Faith's life because she knew instinctively that Faith was unable to battle the other puppies for a place to feed. Faith was weak, small, runtish, and mostly she was nearly dead. Reuben grabbed Faith out from under Princess and smuggled her under his jersey. He wore #63 for the Putnam City Pirates football team. 

When Reuben brought Faith to us she had 3 actual legs, but the left front leg was badly deformed, placed backward, upside down, and it had more toes on it than normal dog legs. The leg was removed when she was 7 months old when it began to atrophy. People ask me if it was easy to teach Faith to walk upright...the answer is NO! It was not easy, and it was not natural. It was SUPER natural, and therefore, we have to give all of the credit to Jesus. Of course, it took a little....Faith as well.

Faith the Dog Childrens Book and Plush Toy Project on IndieGoGo

Faith the Dog was an amazing dog. We're trying to keep her story alive with books and toys.

A few years ago the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co., in Los Angeles, CA., created a plush toy in Faith's likeness.


⟸ ⟸ Click on the image to go to the IndieGoGo campaign!

We plan to order 1000 toys and offer them at a very reasonable price in order to raise the funds necessary to create the children's book. We will deliver the plush toys at the same time the book is released, sharing both a "Little Faith" and a little faith at the same time.

Please help if you can. Please share the IndieGoGo page, and contribute if you can. We can make this happen!

For only $5 you will get a "shout out" thanking you on a special page on this web site.

For a contribution of $100, we will send you a plush toy and the book

Jude always donates 20% of personal profit to an animal rescue in Faith's name.

THANK YOU in advance -- and may God bless you each and every day; thank you also for loving my dog Faith.

Our Suggestions for #GivingTuesday, December 2, 2014


We have a day for giving thanks. We have two days for getting deals
Now, we have #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back.
On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.
Jude and Faith gave so much of themselves during Faith's life, inspiring and amazing countless soldiers, children, people in hospitals, Oprah Winfrey, and others around the World. Often they traveled at Jude's expense. What they received back in appreciation and personal interactions and continuing friendships was priceless.
We thank everybody who loved Faith the Dog and helped us with her amazing journey in life.
Here are some organizations we have contributed to, and that we think you might like to consider on #GivingTuesday:
(PS Giving can be habit-forming)

Help rescued animals everyday with one click
(Sign up for a daily email reminder)
The Animal Rescue Site Store has adorable items. Every Purchase Funds Food and Care for Rescued Animals.

Species Adoptions: Give a gift that will help protect the future of nature.

Your symbolic adoption supports WWF's global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats.

Souls4Soles collects new and used shoes and clothes from individuals, schools, faith-based institutions, civic organizations and corporate partners, then distributes those shoes and clothes both via direct donations to people in need, and provisions qualified micro-enterprise programs designed to create jobs in poor and disadvantaged communities.

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission is set apart by the Spirit of God to preach the Gospel and meet the physical, emotional and other basic needs (through the provision of shelter, clothing, food, counseling, referral and structured programs) of the poor and those who are bound and bruised by addictive lifestyles in Atlantic City and the surrounding communities.

We are expecting to serve over 32,690 meals and provide over 62,610 meals through community food baskets this Thanksgiving season, and we really need your help. We realize your gifts are sacrificial, and we are very grateful. Every meal you provide can help fill an empty heart with warmth and the hope necessary to turn a life around.


Youth can find ways to DoSomething good on - you don't need to give money to make a positive impact.

3.1 million members tackle campaigns that impact every cause, from poverty to violence to the environment to literally everything else. And many of their challenges include a chance to win a $10K scholarship.

Childrens Book About Faith the Dog and Her Many Adventures
Jude has her own project that needs help. Her GoFundMe campaign only raised $1,255 of the $8,500 goal. when it ended.
It's a mission of LOVE and of course, FAITH.
Each donor of $25 or more will receive both a Faith the Dog plush toy and a book.
Pyppy Faith plush doll
A few years ago the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co., in Los Angeles, CA., created this plush toy in Faith's likeness. It was our hope at the time it was commissioned to couple it with a children's book about Faith and her many adventures.

We believe a book would serve as a great tribute to Faith, her mission, her memory, and of course to her endless love for so many millions of people who were touched by her as they viewed her on television, or had the honor of meeting her in person.

Our plan is to order 1000 toys and sell them at a very reasonable price in order to raise the funds necessary to create the children's book. The idea is to pair the plush toys with the book, sharing both a Little Faith the Dog and a little faith at the same time.

Please help us if you can, and by sharing this page with the share buttons.
THANK YOU in advance -- and may God bless you each and every day; thank you also for loving my dog Faith for so many years.

Each donor of $25 or more will receive both a Faith the Dog plush toy and a book.

Animal Wellness Magazine Reports Faith's Death -- Surrounded by Cheese

Tribute posted on the Animal Wellness Magazine Facebook Page:

We're very sad to announce that Faith, the two-legged dog who inspired millions, has passed away. All of us at Animal Wellness Magazine have been deeply touched by the incredible tenacity of this dog. We all send our love to Faith the Dog and her owner, Jude. Please share your condolences by leaving a comment. 
Read our article and see how the last moments of Faith's life were exceptionally heartwarming.
image from Animal Wellness Magazine Facebook Timeline Photos

 Article Excerpt: 

After a lifetime of inspiring others with disabilities, Faith – the miracle dog who taught herself to walk upright on two legs and who Oprah called one of her favorite guests– passed away peacefully this week with her “mom”, Jude Stringfellow, and a platter of cheese at her side.

Read More at Animal Wellness Magazine web site



Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend - and I'll say it every day to celebrate the fallen heroes and the brave men and women who have served our great country. Faith is proud to be a part of the U.S. Army representing the greatest fighting force of our nation. Faith's E5 status was given to her in honorarium in 2006 and she has been accepted by every military member and family member ever since. She's the first one to greet any soldier in uniform at the airports and when we see them (you) on the streets! If you're out of uniform you may have to give her a hint that you're part of the team, but she'll be happy to love on you!  A big hug to you all, and prayers of praise for you.  The photo is from Christmas 2012.  This is Sgt. Reuben Stringfellow (currently serving Indiana National Guard) with Sgt. Faith.

Hanger Prosthetics Clinic in Oklahoma City

Hey everyone! Faith is really getting her groove on now. She's being fitted for a new harness type apparatus by Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics in Oklahoma City, so she can possibly lean down and put her weight on the harness when she wants to go for a walk; and possibly when she needs to do her business.

We're trying it out, and feel that Hanger is the BEST in the business. They are really very very good. 


At Hanger, Faith met Royal Marine Commando Mark Ormrod, a triple amputee from the Afghanistan war. He's so wonderful, and as a motivational speaker now, he and I are hoping to work together.  

Hanger is the same group that created the prosthetic fluke for Winter the dolphin.

Their slogan is currently "Empowering Human Potential" that may have to change - - Faith and Winter are big fans! 

I'll keep you updated.  Photos to come! 

Hanger is located at: 4300 N. Classen Blvd, OKC, OK 73118, and their number is (405) 525-4000

Faith is a Natural Dog

Faith is a Natural Dog.

She is of course a natural dog, and by that I mean that she is normal in every single way - - with of course the exception that she is a one-of-a-kind miracle mutt who just happens to be world famous, and loved by everyone!  Faithy is almost 11 years old, and in doggie years that puts her in the same age bracket as many of the people who have not only retired, but who are beginning to think about their final plans and even their finals days. I'm not saying she's dying, she's of average health for a dog her age, but she's having difficulty with walking now, and it's harder for her to balance when she's standing to "do her business". 
UPDATE.....YEA...YEA...we are so happy to announce that Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics in Oklahoma City (with the funding coming from a personal friend) is creating a new prosthetic harness for Faith. We're not sure if she'll take it, but we're going to work toward that goal. She's been scanned, and the clinic is designing the harness now. I'll post pictures when I can. She has gone to the clinic a couple of times; when she goes she meets great patients. Some of the patients she meets are soldiers. Not all of the soldiers are American soldiers. Faith has been so inspirational to so many across the world that they recognize her when they see her. One patient was a 12 year old boy from the UK.  He was so excited to meet Faith in person. He said his friends back in the UK won't believe it!  (We took pictures!) smiley

Dog Fancy September 2013

Faith is featured on page 33 of the September 2013 SPECIAL ISSUE of Dog Fancy. She's one of 5 Mutts who rose to fame. Get your copy on stands soon, and be sure and tell everyone that you LOVE FAITH!! Thanks Nikki Moustaki of Dog Fancy! Special thanks to Anthony Tortoriello who took the photos for the magazine back in 2008, but he was not given proper credit in the magazine. For this I am sad, we believe all photographers and artists deserve credit for their work.  Anthony's work can be found at 

Christmas Doggy Style (SFW)

an oldie we repositioned for the holidaze

Jude sez "I LOVE IT!  My dogs do this too, but they do it in reverse! You should see the mess!"
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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving cat and dog photo by dj fitzgerald












photo by dj fitzgerald

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